We offer a variety of animal behavior services, each catered to you, your family, and most importantly, your pet. Whether it’s puppy training, barking, bolting, jumping, growling, peeing, or anything else, we can handle it. No problem is too big or too small!

Consultation – $60

The consultation allows one of our animal behavior specialists to come to your home and see first hand what your issues and goals are and work with you to determine what training plan will benefit you and your family the most.

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In-Home Training – Varies per package

Training is done at your home where you and your dog will feel most comfortable and where the issues happen. Sessions are roughly an hour long and are best to hold every 1-2 weeks.

Single session: $100 | Four (4) sessions: $360 | Six (6) sessions: $540 | Eight (8) sessions: $720

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Doggie Boot Camp – $980 (base price)

For more intensive training with even faster results, we recommend doggie boot camp. This one week program with animal behavior specialist David Farb gives pet owners the option to fast track the training process. David will spend one week teaching your dog everything they need to know. Dog socialization, walks, commands, and more is all an integral part of the boot camp process. Doggie boot camp will make your life easier when the leash is handed back!

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pawsitively simple

Puppy Boot Camp (recommended for puppies 4-10 months) – $2,000

Our two week Puppy Boot Camps gives your dog the edge in behavioral training! Your puppy learns to be social with other dogs, learns patience, not to bolt out of the door, commands, focus, walking on a leash, and more! Then after the two weeks, your puppy comes back full of knowledge of how to be a great family pet!

The Puppy Boot Camp comes with four (4) in-home sessions as well, to help guide pet owners on how to continue reinforcing desired behaviors and continue to take their training to the next level!

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Dog and Puppy Prep – $750

Deciding to get a new puppy or dog is definitely a huge undertaking and responsibility. So we’ve put together a package that makes it easier to find the right dog that fits your family best.

Our prep package includes a breed matching session where an animal behavior specialist meets with your family to discuss your lifestyle and desires in a pet. This allows us to match a breed or mixed breed that best suits your personalities and energy levels. We also discuss what bedding, crates, toys, food, and accessories we recommend to make your new dog experience as easy and stress free as possible.

After the matching session, our animal behavior specialist will then join you on the search for your new pet to ensure you find just the right one! Once you have your new pet home, the training can begin. Included in our Prep Package is six (6) in-home training sessions.

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