We believe that having a comprehensive understanding of the method of training is very important to achieving success with your pet. At Pawsitively Simple, we aim to educate pet owners on animal behavior, giving you the tools and knowledge necessary to train and work with your pets in a more cohesive way.

We specialize in dogs with severe aggression and anxiety or the “no hope” cases, believing mental rehabilitation can make significant improvements. However, we are ready to work with any animal or challenge you need to tackle. Our goal is to show you there is no problem too big or too small for you to handle and we are committed to helping you get there.

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david_dog-smMeet David

Animals speak a different language than humans relying on body language and behavioral patterns to communicate. David’s incredible ability to tap into this language and communicate with animals is what sets him apart from most animal behavior specialists.

Animal behavior specialist David Farb founded Pawsitively Simple with the mission to enhance the relationships people have with their pets. Having a special, unique, and gifted way with animals, David discovered his passion for working with them at a young age. At the age of 5, he would often collect lizards or frogs to keep as pets and as he grew older, his love for animals continued and he started caring for small mammals. However, he always found a very special connection in working with dogs and decided to found Pawsitively Simple.david_hawk-smHis incredible ability to communicate with animals is what sets David apart from most animal behavior specialists. He is able to understand each dog individually, catering his technique and training to their specific needs. David specializes in dogs with severe aggression or anxiety and mental dog rehabilitation.

david_selfie-smDavid also has experience working and training with domestic and exotic animals such as cats, macaws, cockatoos, birds of prey, orangutans, and more. He worked and hosted with ‘Animal Actors On Location’ show at Universal Studios Florida, performing alongside the animals he trained.

David’s love and natural talent in working with animals is truly a gift and one he wants to share with all pet owners. Discover what sets David and Pawsitively Simple apart from anyone else!

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